Dr. Randy Gardner and Hilda study the Hilda's Pink Heritage TM tomato at her farm in 2008.

Our Mission

  • We strive to live and operate our business in a way that will exemplify our Christian faith.  Even though profits are important, we believe that there are things that are of more importance.  The most important is to do what the Lord wills.
  • We work to produce delicious tomatoes like Hilda’s Pink Heritage tomatoes; which is not only a tomato from heirloom linage, with a great heirloom taste, but is also a tomato that is affordable for the average consumer.
  • We grow most of our crop from seed that we have improved, selected and preserved.  Saving a seed, then taking that seed, placing it in the ground, and witnessing its growth, its bearing fruit and then its helping sustain another life is a miracle, the Lord’s miracle.  We are in the business of witnessing His miracles; nothing more . . . nothing less.
  • We pray and work hard to be successful; then share that success with those who are less fortunate.

Hilda and Bruce