Hi Bruce and Hilda, I just wanted to thank you both for your wonderful tomatoes. I bought them at Ingles in Dallas, NC for several weeks once I discovered them. I live for good tomatoes and had never shopped at this store before.

I live in Gastonia, N.C. I don't know how people like Ingles find out about your produce. Do you sell any tomatoes that are available during fall, or winter months? Do you supply any organic tomatoes? My family is Vegan, and we normally eat organic food. I make the exception with tomatoes because it's just hard to find local organic tomatoes.

A grateful customer, Lori Voss

I have been buying your tomatoes at Ingles in Winder Georgia. They are not ordering any more. I think the tomatoes were great. I know it will not last much longer. Can I buy some and get them delivered? Not sure if they are still any good, regardless they were the best grocery store tomatoes I ever had.

Randy Bruce

Today I ran into Fresh Market to grab some nice cherry tomatoes. Instead, I left with 3 packages of your Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes. 3 beautiful packages...from the label to the contents. Simple, striking, and well-planned.

Here's the kicker--I love making meals with quality ingredients that are not fussy on the palate. The purpose for these "mini masterpieces" is to be the glue for a cold pasta salad that involves just a few things...penne pasta, salt, pepper, a little real butter, fresh parsley, shaved Parmesan cheese, and your Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes. This is a gift, among other dishes, to my child's middle school teachers. What a gift!

So, this is all a long way of saying "Thanks". Thank you for making my late night so much more enjoyable. The tomatoes are lovely, slice nicely, and the dozen (or so) that I've popped in my mouth have slapped me back as if to say "Slow down, Lady! We're high class poppin' tomaters". Thanks--to you and everyone else for selecting, growing, and managing these little lovelies!

Samantha Fuller, Columbus, Georgia

Afternoon, I'm ready for more tomatoes. It has taken this old brain of mine a bit of time to find the name of the most fantastic tomatoes I bought last year. And then I remembered . . . I saw them in Ingles after purchasing them directly from the farm.

So this afternoon I drove to Ingles, looking for a name on a tomato I might remember.

EUREKA ! ! ! There it was right before my little ‘ol eyes. The Tomato Art Company.

Do you still have tomatoes for sale? I'd like to drive out tomorrow (Thursday).

Thanks for the best tomato in Rutherford County, Jill