Hilda Rico Tipton with her first Hilda's Pink HeritageTM tomatoes in 2008.

Hilda and her Pink Tomatoes  


Hilda was first entertaining the idea of growing tomatoes commercially when she saw a pink tomato being developed by Dr. Randy Gardner.

Hilda said, “They are beautiful” and asked, “Why isn’t someone growing them?”

“Well, the men farmers said that it would take a woman to grow a pink tomato,” was Randy’s answer. A petite woman of only 110 lbs, Hilda looked up with wide open cocoa eyes at those of us around her and said with a pronounced accent,

 “Well, I’m a woman, I will grow them.”

Thus her logo,

“They said that it takes a woman to grow a pink tomato.”


                                            And ... maybe it does! A very special woman!

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Tomatoes have been told for many years that they are vegetables .  .  . but


Hilda's Pink Heritage TM tomato is

"The tomato who knows that she is a fruit!"

And she certainly is quite the lady; good taste, beautiful . . . (and this season in particular)

sociably late.  Hilda calls them, "the girls."




For more than six years Hilda has worked developing her signature tomato, Hilda's Pink HeritageTM, with two purposes in mind, to promote breast cancer awareness while at the same time providing a great tasting tomato to her customers.  She has succeeded with both goals as her pink ribbon Hilda’s Pink HeritageTM tomato has been judged by her customers to be the best tasting tomato on the market.

It’s difficult to determine just how Hilda’s farm produces tomatoes that are judged by her customers to be the most delicious. Whether it is the water, soil and climate; whether it is because of the many years that Hilda has put into growing, selecting, developing, and improving her signature tomatoes from over 100 varieties to arrive at the very best for her customers; or whether it is simple by the Lord’s grace that this occurs.


I personally am convinced that it is a combination of all the above and that the Lord has watched Hilda crawl on her arthritic knees through miles of rows, pruning and weeding her precious tomatoes and has blessed her.

Businesswoman, writer and farmer, Hilda has often been featured in newspapers and magazines in the US and internationally. In 2011 she was chosen as one of the Minority Farmers of The Year in the United States. Hilda is already working on more varieties with which she hopes to help support children’s charities. She believes that money isn’t worth anything if she doesn’t do something good with it.

Thanks for visiting her web-site. I hope that you will take time to browse and go to her links and learn more about Hilda and her tomatoes. Read what others said about Hilda and her delicious product. God Bless You and we anxiously await hearing from you.                 Bruce

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